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Would you like to be part of a Spanish family? Do you want to discover Spanish culture? Would you like to study at a Spanish university? Do you want to improve your level of Spanish?


We will bring the language and culture of Spain to you. We will provide you with continuous oversight and personal support throughout your stay, with a programme tailor-made for you.

Welcome to a rewarding experience where you will never feel alone!


When someone takes the decision to study or work outside their normal environment and this decision leads to them going to another country, experiencing another culture, another style of life, other people with different concerns.

These circumstances cause vertigo, happiness, excitement, etc. Not everybody is able to take that "leap of faith". What might happen? What will I find?

At Hugsfriends we tear up the rulebook and take that leap with you!

We love social networks and could not imagine a world without Internet, but, in this job, we believe in the "face-to-face" aspect and we like to personally meet everyone.

Everybody is different but there is always compatibility. At Hugsfriends, we are committed to finding the best option for you, continuous oversight of your stay and, naturally, our personalised support.

One of our priorities is that both the stay and the living under the same roof are "family-oriented". Thus, both the families and their guests have a personal interview and our area of influence allows us to be on site quickly should any problem arise".

  • Au pair
  • Host family
  • Language assistant
  • Exchange students

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where we are?

Plaza Roma 3, Planta 1ª, Oficina 4
26500- CALAHORRA- La Rioja (Spain)

Phone: +34 941 046 681

hugsfriends. Miembro de la Asociación Española del Programa Au pair - AEPA
Miembro de la Asociación Española del Programa Au pair - AEPA
Emprenderioja, es la hora del empleo.
hugsfriends. Au pair, familia de acogida, profesor de apoyo e intercambio estudiantes